Really, Really Old Stuff

This is where I link to really old things that I worked on or just do not want to lose track of over time.

Notable Accomplishments

  • 2011. Flew to Los Angeles to work with The Lonely Island guys on their new website. Built a simple video management platform as well as the public facing site. From start to finish, 5 days of development using Python and Tornado. (Lonely Island)
  • 2010. Conceived and built YouTube Feather, an ultra-low latency video page that averages less than 100KB uncached, 30KB cached. (Mashable, ABC News)
  • 2010. Responsible for the "Vuvuzela Button" prank on the YouTube video players. (Techcrunch)
  • 2009. Built and launched the HTML5 video player on YouTube. (Google I/O 2009 Keynote, Techcrunch)
  • 2008. Built and launched three generations of the front-end to YouTube's browser-based, multiple file uploader with progress bars. (Mashable)
  • 2008. Responsible for the "Actually Good Tab" prank on the YouTube masthead. (Blogoscoped)
  • 2006. Built and launched two generations of the Xerox Modeling Tool, a client application for gathering printer information in large organizations.
  • 2003. Built and launched two generations of LogicalSolutions Inferno, an internal hour tracking and billing suite.
  • 2000. Built and launched the first generation of the BlueTie Calendar and Tasklist web applications.


I wanted to become a 3D animator so that is what I focused on in school. Web development was how I paid for school.

Strategy Guides

When I was a teenager, I used to write video game strategy guides to make enough money to buy computer parts so I could run the latest animation software. These are those guides.